Triathlon and Rx

Rx is a symbol commonly used to mean 'Prescription'.

TriRx is about helping client's their perspective : Triathlon should compliment and give benefit to our lives and our health and be enjoyable and sustainable.  Whatever limits us should be challenged, without pushing, things won't ever change.


  • Find a balance between Triathlon, working towards your goals, and racing, and your life so routines are sustainable.

  • Trust that smarter challenges that change the way we train and approach Triathlon are healthier and more sustainable in our lives.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others or the self you were before and start enjoying the process for the races ahead.

  • Take responsibility for the time you spend training, find balance and flow in the routines and start seeing the difference in all areas of your life.

More details are available or contact us directly.  Always happy to discuss your needs with you.


Whats on offer

Triathlon Training Programmes

Swim Training Programmes

  • Weekly sessions for all disciplines including S&C that are tailored for each athlete and in line with their goals and level.

  • Weekly support and review.

  • Hints and tips on intensity, attitude to training, nutrition, and injury prevention.

  • Supportive, challenging and encouraging - working and learning directly with you through training and racing seasons.

  • Initial Stroke Analysis and instruction.

  • 3 sessions a week for 6 weeks.

  • Focused on challenging and changing the way you approach swim training and swimming for Triathlon.

  • Weekly e-mail support and review.

  • Hints and tips on nutrition and injury prevention and stretches.

  • Supportive, encouraging environment.

1:1 Swim Teaching

  • Evaluation of Swimming ability and goal setting.

  • 3 1:1 60 min sessions.

  • Weekly e-mail support and review.

  • Hints and tips in relation to progressing.

  • Supportive, encouraging environment.

  • Progress evaluation and tips for the future.