Triathlon - Always Learning

  • Enthusiasm when beginning anything can propel us to heady heights rapidly - despite the fact we have little knowledge.

  • Try-a-Tri to Long Distance in 2 or 3 seasons, more than one bike, holidays around training and racing.

  • On top of "Mount Stupid" it's awesome.

  • The fun can stop with injuries, change in personal circumstances, lack of time or finances and mounting pressures from other parts of our lives. 

  • Everything will always change and for many they quit the sport entirely.

  • From season to season things will change - with age, with changes in circumstances and pressures in life but we can always challenge ourselves to work a little smarter, adopt some new habits and healthy routines.

  • Training at the right intensity, giving time to rest and recovery and helping avoid injuries through more gym work could be entirely different to the approach that once worked when we began in the sport.

  • Training smarter, not necessarily harder.  Be happier and healthier with your own progress or adopt more change to fix things that aren't working.