Mark Waters

  • Triathlon Ireland Level 1 & Level 2 Coach

  • Swim Ireland Level 1 & Level 2 Teacher and Coach

  • 9 Years Coaching swimmers (Tri / Open Water) and 3 coaching Triathlon

  • Former International Level Swimmer

  • 11 Years Enjoying Triathlons (all distances)

  • 5km / 10km Swims

  • Random Silly Swims I do alone

  • Good Coffee without fuss

11 Years enjoying Triathlons of all distances including 4 Long distance events.  Still learning, still trying new things. 

With a background as a competitive long distance swimmer I learned a lot about training and heard 'no pain, no gain' a lot.  These days I challenge this constantly for myself and the athletes I work with I'm happy to say - hence the 'No Challenge, No Change'.

Coaching has and will always be about the people and assisting in any way I can with those I work with.

Trying to challenge them, to steer progress, encourage changes and to stick with routines is rewarding in itself and when people find a balance and have achieved their goals seeing them enjoy the sport again is a massive win for me.

Athletes aren't just Triathletes but brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters - they can train and race like Athletes but the rest can't be forgotten.  I've been lucky to work with the following groups of people:

  • Beginner Swimmers and Triathletes

  • National Series Athletes - of all abilities

  • Middle and Long Distance Athletes

  • Open Water Sea Swimmers / 5km & 10km Swimmers

Almost 20 years in performance analytics in IT help me understand patterns and progress better than most but there's always something to learn for us all.


Wabi - Sabi 

"imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete"